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No pattern for screen unlock, why Microsoft

optical duo10

New member
Oct 1, 2020
I was hoping for a pattern unlock as I'm sick of the amount of pins I have to remember on all my various devices.
I can understand how you need an initial pin to change or initially set up your FingerPrint biometric unlock et cetera but to have to continually remember and use a pin after that seems like overkill.

We should be able to use just the FingerPrint after that or more conveniently pattern unlock like I did on my Samsung note 10+ with a FingerPrint as well if needed to up the security level.

Microsoft if you are taking feedback for this device I would really like a pattern to be added to the pin and FingerPrint unlock option please.

The funny thing is that to restore my Google backup on this new phone I was prompted for an android pattern unlock which worked perfectly okay on the Duo!

What you guys think?

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