No sound in the left channel of my headphones.

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Mikael Andersson

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Aug 18, 2021
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I have a pair of Turtle Beach Elite Pro, that i used to have when i was into gaming and streaming a lot. Recently however, there is a glitch in the left channel of the headphones. I have tried to adjust the channels in the Windows settings, but with no luck.

Sometimes, there is sound when i restart the laptop. But the sound will disappear after a short while.

However, when i pull out the 3.5mm connector from my laptop, there is sound in the left channel. This is confirmed but testing the channels in the sound settings. When i reconnect the headphones, there is no sound in the left channel.

So i am wondering if there is a problem with my headphones, since there is no sound in the left channel when they are connected?

Also, i am looking for a new pair of headphones.

Which brand and model is recommended?


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Jun 26, 2019
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This often happens due to loose cable connection at joints near 3.5 mm jack or buttons. If you have soldering machine, you can order pin and cable from any online sites and replace the same.
Jun 9, 2021
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Seems both are fine but a bit problem with your headphones If you have another headphones set check it with your system if no then check these headphones with your phone.
I think the problem is in headphones because you see black lines on headphone needle male or jack. clean it and see if there is any small rubber dislocated from its place. hoping your problem will be solved.


Oct 30, 2012
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Mikael Andersson;[URL="tel:3834768" said:
3834768[/URL]]Interesting, this was new information for me.
As i pull out the cord and reconnect it, the sound will appear in both channels.

I this a headset problem or is it my laptop?

This does not sound like an issue with your headphones, but Renoktation mentioned it is more likely an issue with the connectors within the jack itself.

You mentioned
Sometimes, there is sound when i restart the laptop. But the sound will disappear after a short while.
if it sounded like a low hum, it was most likely due to a short in the headphone jack itself with the sound going away once the charge that built up in the short dissipated.

Super easy to test yourself. If you look at the plug on your headphones you will see the metal is separated by black bands - these are the separations of the left and right channel signals which little tabs inside the jack press against. If you pull the plug partway out of the jack you may hit a connection for each channel. But the easiest way to test is try another set of headphones. If the problem happens with those too - then the issue is with the jack on the computer. Done. You can either get it serviced at that point, or (again as Renoktation mentioned) buy the new jack and solder it in yourself if you are good with a soldering iron.

Try another set of headphones and see if the issue happens again or not. Mystery solved.
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