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Nokia 920 Wireless Charger Out of Stock?


New member
Sep 29, 2011
So I got my Cyan 920 and turns out my wife liked the color enough that she wants it. So I've got to order one for myself (going for white this time). I go online to AT&T and when I get to the point in the order where I add the wireless charging plate, I notice two new things. First, the order instructions pop up now states that you can add "ANY" color charge plate to the order for free. When I preordered my Cyan it was just the black plate. Second, the screen to add accessories now shows all charge plates all colors as out of stock and you cannot add them to the order. Because the language in the pop up states that the the plates are free "subject to availability" I got spooked and cancelled my order. I've checked back the alst 48 hours and there aren't any new charge plates. Any chance this is a done deal and we won't see the free plate offer again?