Nokia lumia 620,turning off and losing signal

henry benson

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Sep 16, 2013
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I have had my nokia lumia 620 for just over a month and it has already been off for repair once with the same faults,

Problem 1, the phone very now and then will turn its self off when locked or in my pocket. I original thought it was to do with a poor design of the phone where the battery is to small for the case which is spoke about else where online, however the events are so random and unprovoked that this can't be the reason behind it.

Problem 2, about nice every few days the phone with lose signal completely and not have any data or network connection yet at the top will be displayed signal strength even though no information can be sent or received by the phone. Sometimes it turns out the access point has been changed to a different one but not by me but other times there is no explanation.

As I already said I have sent it away for repair once for the faults but they still exist and I see no point being with out a phone for 1 week if O2 can't fix it again. I would have just returned or exchanged it but I have been told this isn't an option. So if any one can shed some light on either of these problems it would be much appreciated

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