Nokia Lumia 920 won't update


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Aug 31, 2013
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I have had a Nokia Lumia 920 for about 9 months when it started giving me problems when it started bricking and i had to soft reset it a few times. After a few times i decided it might be a good idea to do a hard reset. i did and it got stuck on the gears for about 9 hours. after googling for a hour finding out how to reset it to do a successful hard reset which should take about 20 minutes. i found no reset code to get it back, i had to just take the sim card out and let the battery run out, and then bring it back up and it took about 20 minutes and did reset. but as i googled around, i found out that amber and more updates came out. i called about this when my phone needed another soft reset because it bricked again. so i decided to call the customer service and after about an hour of talking she said that my phone was up to date and that she noticed that my phone was stuck on the gears for a while they would send me a new one. i assumed that that would solve my update problem. sadly to say no. I've had the phone about 2 hours now and it wont update also. I'm wondering if i am updated, and just don't know it or it is defective as well. I'm not really a techie but i assume that the amber update would update the OS right? and if it didn't what would it update? i know it gives you a lot of more cool features like the glance screen and the flip over to reject a call, and the double tap to wake up. those features is what i know i do not have. is there some way i can force update it? or manually update it, not over the air?

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