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nokia lumia 930

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mary beth hale

New member
Mar 13, 2013
item description-RM 1045 running Denim and 8.1 Update 2
Carrier locked or unlocked-Unlocked
Includes-Original box,original accessories(usb charger and cable with adaptor,earbuds) plus 3 cases
Item location-St. Louis area
Shipping details-Free USPS Priority mail to US only
Payment options-PayPal
Additional info-Purchased new on 2/13/15. Mint condition. A few micro scratches on screen that can only be seen when screen is off under bright light. Aluminum and poly back are without flaws.
For those who read about issues in forums...only becomes MILDLY WARM with long web browsing. VERY INFREQUENT, mild screen flicker. I charge once/day with about 30% left at night(moderate user and no gaming/whatsapp). Sometimes has the picture rotation bug. not always.
Will NOT work with Verizon or Sprint. This is a GSM unlocked phone. Will NOT get LTE in the US. Have been using with a Straight Talk AT&T SIM without problems.
I love this phone but finally got my Ativ S flashed to 8.1 w/firmware and need the cash.
contact info-PM


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mary beth hale

New member
Mar 13, 2013
Today my Ativ S (which just got successfully updated to 8.1w/firmware) fell out of my pocket from atop an 8 foot ladder onto a concrete warehouse floor and completely shattered. Obviously cannot use as my daily driver anymore, so will not be selling my 930. RIP little Ativ S:'(. Mods, please close this thread.
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