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Nokia mixradio only playing one mix


WPCentral Question

Hi, I hope I am asking this question in an appropriate place.
I recently noticed that my Nokia Mixradio app was only playing music from one mix option (afro-cuban jazz*) even when I was selecting other mix options. This started maybe yesterday or the day before, or at least that is when I first noticed it, while in the past, it would play appropriate music for whatever mix I was selecting. I am not really sure how to fix this, so the only options I have tried were going around selecting a bunch of mixes to see if it changes, closing and reopening the app and selecting a mix to see if it works, and turning the phone off and back on and trying the app again. Does anyone know how to resolve the issue?

*In case genre selections you make frequently affect this at all? In any case, I didn't notice exactly when this problem started, and that is because I was probably initially trying to select mixes similar to afro-cuban jazz and wasn't thinking about the possibility of an issue.