Nokia Priority store and support store shut down :\

Kunal Dudwadkar

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Nov 7, 2013
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Well it is a known fact that Lumia phones have been doing really well in the Indian market and I see ads all over the TV and banners on all the mobile shops. But since a few days i wanted to get my FFC lens cleaned because a lot of dust had accumulated and pictures were coming out horrible. So I went to the Nokia care store only to see that it was shut down a few days ago. So i thought about going to the Nokia priority dealer store from where i got my Lumia. To my shock even that was shut down. I asked other local phone selling shops and they said that Both the stores have shut down and one needs to go to other Nokia service centres for anything which is like two stations away. It was certainly a disappointment, as i was expecting both the stores to be rebranded with Microsoft identity. And people here in India without fail, ask if there's a service center nearby before purchasing a phone. I hope a Microsoft exclusive store opens up soon !

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