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Apr 16, 2011
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Why does it matter to you what name is screenprinted on the back of your cell phone? If it comes from the same designers and engineers in Finland, it is a Nokia phone, even if it says Microsoft on the shell! If owning a Nokia phone is important to you, then that is the deal you make with yourself after the corporate buyout.

The argument that Microsoft is respecting the name Skype but not the name Nokia is ridiculous. When Microsoft bought Skype, they bought all of it. Every piece of the organization, every element that was Skype. In other words, after Microsoft bought Skype, there was no Skype left over that didn't exist under Microsoft.

Microsoft bought one segment of Nokia. The mobile phone division has become Microsoft's, but there is still a separate entity that still exists in Finland that is using the name Nokia. This company is still alive and selling products in the technology sector. Why on Earth would Microsoft want to sell a product with another company's name on it? It's not about the history when there is a company in the present that is still selling products under that name.

Furthermore, what if it went the other way? What if Microsoft bought Nokia only for the name, and shut down the engineering and design in Finland and was building and selling uninspired phones out of Redmond with the Nokia name? Would that be preferable that you had a phone with the "Nokia" name on it, even if it was a piece of junk? The history would certainly be a lot more tarnished in that instance.