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Nokia wp 8.1 has some issue why is this?

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Open storage sense,
phone storage,

why this others folder is created and how to free that memory?


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Jan 12, 2013
This has been discussed in the forums elsewhere. You can attempt to clear a portion of the Others section by going to Temporary Files and deleting the temporary files - this will both reduce the temporary files size and the others storage size.

Strictly, it is not a folder but rather a classification assigned to files which either are still in the process of being recognized by the system or are files that are simply not recognized by the system. For example, it is quite common for users with Windows Phones that have an SD Card to transfer photos directly to the SD Card from a PC. Those photos, almost always, will initially by not recognized by the phone, so if the user transferred 4GB of photos into the SD Card, the others storage should be 4GB larger than it was before. A remedy for that is to use the Files app and rename the photo albums forcing the phone to recognize the new photos. After that, the others storage will be 4GB less in size and the photos storage will have the 4GB increase.

Hope these help.