Not getting messages from one contact (facebook) why? ///Solved///


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Jan 27, 2013
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So, My facebook messaging works pretty flawlessly for the most part, aside from the ocasional missed message. I have one major problem though, one contact, and only one contact (my sister in this case) I can't seem to get any facebook messages from through the messaging hub. Any ideas as to what could be stopping it? Is it some kind of facebook security setting thats screwed up or something on her end perhaps? Or has anyone else noticed this happening with random contacts on their phone? (that being is it a wp8 problem) I haven't had this problem with any of my other contacts (I can send her messages fine and she can receive them I just cant see anything she replies unless i go to facebook mobile or the facebook app)

Thanks in advance.

I suppose this is a bit more of an informative post now I worked out the problem, If your contact is appearing offline you wont get any messages from them. (weird)
So if they are offline they need to come online to talk to you or go into chat settings and enable you as someone that can see them online even when they are set to invisible, Then it works :3
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