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Now golden 930 and 830 are available... only in China

Ray Shum

New member
Jul 30, 2014

For me I really dislike golden phones. First it was iPhone 5S, it was punished but sold well in China. Then SAMSUNG got a golden, then Sony, then LG, then XIAOMI, and finally Microsoft.

Golden 930 on Microsoft store China: Lumia930 ????? ????!

830: Lumia 830 ????? | Lumia???? | ?? | ?? | ????????


New member
Mar 1, 2014
Those are also available in Vietnam, and made in Vietnam too! :) Since 90% of Lumia device are made in Vietnam, so I'm kinda like in the heaven of Lumia.

Lumia 830 gold: Nokia Lumia 830 T?ng quan - Microsoft - Vietnam (about 375$)
Lumia 930 gold: https://forums.windowscentral.com/e...ong%2Fdien-thoai%2Flumia930%2F&token=eYYFlhwk (about 515$)

The golden thing actually is about of Asian culture, so it's not hard to understand that the golden edition mainly target Asia countries only.

Edit: In the past, Nokia made a lot of golden edition too, so it's not something new.