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Odd, 10.0.15254.489 just showed up, out of the blue


New member
Jul 3, 2015
Insider update on Lumia 1020. This is stranger still because in order to get any previous updates, I first had to change the phone's L1020 id specs in the Registry to "impersonate" the Lumia 950.

After each update, I would switch back to L1020 id. This way, I THOUGHT, unwanted automatic updates would be prevented. Not so this time. This one was pushed in even as a L1020 (wow, we seem to exists after all :smile:).

No idea of what was changed yet. Nothing seems to be [any more] broken, so far. It does seem like it is slightly snappier in loading apps. But I've had this happen in past updates only as a short-lived improvement.