Official Xbox mouse and keyboard support could be amazing (and disruptive)

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Dec 17, 2013
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Mouse and keyboard support for Xbox is finally on the horizon, but what does that mean for gamers?
Mouse and keyboard support for Xbox has been in the cards for years at this point, and finally, Xbox head Phil Spencer announced that it's just around the corner. It'll become available for select Xbox Insiders after RS5 ships in October, and will be compatible with Warframe starting out, before expanding to other titles.
Mouse and keyboard very close to coming to Xbox console. Lots of developer options to ensure fairness and a great experience. Choice is in the hands of the developer to do multiplayer pools (controller only, kb/mouse only, any, etc.). Soon! #Xbox
— Mike Ybarra (@XboxQwik) September 25, 2018
Mouse and keyboard support has an odd relationship and history when it comes to consoles. For example, the PlayStation 4 already supports mouse too in some cases, Final Fantasy XIV: Realm Reborn was designed PC-first, and supports mouse inputs on Sony's console. Both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One support keyboard inputs, occasionally for games, with Final Fantasy XI being playable completely with a keyboard back on Xbox 360. It goes to show that some games simply play better with a keyboard and mouse, and finally, Microsoft is acknowledging it.
We exclusively reported Microsoft's plans to bring mouse and keyboard support to Xbox back in June 2018, and inside those documents, we got an idea about how Microsoft intends to implement the features for developers, while protecting the console experience Xbox gamers know and love.
Let's dissect what mouse and keyboard support for Xbox will, and won't look like, when it finally goes public.

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