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On my Nokia Lumia 925, why aren't recorded videos visible on the Camera roll?


New member
Jul 28, 2014
Nokia Lumia 925 recorded videos not visible in Camera roll

Hi all,

I got one problem after I finally got Denim update.

I used Lumia Camera app to record videos. I did around 9 videos in length of 1 min. But when I checked camera roll I had only 5 of them there.

I checked Lumia Video trimmer and this is the only app on phone that shows me also the rest of 4 videos. I can open them there and play them normally. I can also save them there and they show up also in Camera roll.

Now my problem is that I copied all videos on my PC and removed them from phone BUT it removed only the ones from Camera roll. The 4 videos I saw in Lumia Video trimmer app are still there and are taking big amount of my free space on phone. I can`t find them anywhere so that I could select them and delete them.

Can someone help me please? I really don`t want to make hard reset of the phone just because of this issue as my phone work perfect since day 1.


srikanth reddy4

New member
Apr 14, 2014
connect the phone to the PC and try to find the videos....because in PC we'll have a better scope of finding files....use windows phone app in PC it may help u

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