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OneDrive has taken over my takbar, and other admin.-just cleaned with three malware softwares

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My comcast e-mail keeps having sign in with removed former e-mail address.
my word 2010 changes documents to read only..i have new brother win10 download..but still not sure
My taskbar moved from bottom and locked on rt side..no simple icons on it..esp. word 2010-makes it hard t cut and paste..taskbar has OneDrive on top and files listed..then to get rest, including word, more clicking..
I uninstalled it from Programs..still here
I tried various hacks and changes in register/etc.-nothing
I downloaded free version of Hitman 3, and ran scan,
ran full clean on c cleaner, register, defrag..
ran malware
lots of bugs etc removed
OneDrive still here
Do I have to have my laptop wiped and reinstalled-
already had hackers
if i get new laptop and/or desktop and install new win10 will OneDrive rule again

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