Open Request to OEM's for WP Devices of the future...


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May 21, 2011
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Dear OEM of your choice,

A little bit about my background, I spent 20 years working on satellite communications gear in the Navy, and have since been involved in the telecom industry. I am older, wiser and have finally reached the conclusion that I want the tech I buy to just work without me having to get under the hood to tweak it up. Which is why I choose WP over Android. But I also want choice of hardware, which is why in my opinion, WP has it over iPhone.

I am an early adopter and as such, I realized limitations going in, but now that we are a few months away from second generation devices, I would like to make the following request for future hardware.

Please make a WinPhone device with some of the following hardware (or all of it?) :)

-WinPhone OS of course

- Lets start with memory.. 1GB ram/rom and then, hmmmm.. 32GB, no, 64GB iNAND memory.

-Lytro Camera (Light Field camera | Lytro) New Camera tech that is just amazing!! Light Field technology, been in the news a lot this last week.

-HD Radio

- Make it so that the volume goes loud enough that I can't have it at full volume, I have a Trophy now, when I am using the Zune player, I have to have it most, if not all the way up, and I am 50, so it MUST be too low. and no, I am not going deaf! LOL :)

-I don't really see the need for dual cores at this time with this OS, my concern is for battery life, more cores=more power consumption=decreased battery life, just a fact of physics (from an electronic point of view).

-Give me things (features) that are useful. I realize that some of that has to come from the OS, but some things, as an example, the slide out speakers on the surround, REALLY? Speakers that small can't help but sound tinny. Admittedly, I have not spent much time with the Surround, but the idea just doesn't ring of being a good one.

-If your going to put in a normal camera, make sure that it takes good pictures. MP don't matter as much as the quality of the pics, make the device a little bigger if that's what it takes. Most people (somewhat tech savy anyway) understand that sometimes there is trade off, we don't like it, but we usually understand if it makes a significant difference. A phone that has a 6MP camera with a high quality sensor and decent (glass) optics, will kick the crap out of most of the Cell cameras out there now.

-Gyros!! I want the killer augmented reality app in a year. :) (I do know that if a phone does not have a gyro, they use the compass and accelerometers, But just feel gyros are much better suited for the task) :)

-Spitball idea--- how about a system in the phone that acts like a lot of modern watches, as the phone moves around, in your pocket or purse, its charging from the motion. (I know that the tech is not the same, but its a concept of an idea.)

-Tech that needs to advance for the dream device: Battery tech - storing electricity is not easy or light weight. Understood. Design a watch battery sized 2150mAh battery and we are golden!

-SuperAmoled displays: Let's be honest, right now, those displays are the best, hands down.

-Gorillia Glass- Curved is even better.

-I love the DVP, it just looks like man's phone. You would expect to see a man carrying it. The firmware issues aside, it was one of the few 1st gen phones that made an impact. I like a lot of the design looks out there, but sometimes it just seems something is missing. I do like some of the design ideas of the iPhone hardware but would never own one even under threat of death.

Thats all I can think of right now... oh yeah... and whatever these guys behind me suggest.

Ok guys, lets make a device. Artists, give us some drawings! Devs, Tell us what you want. We are talking hardware here, Software is another issue.
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Jun 27, 2011
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Don't you hate it when that picture that you hope works out ends up being terribly unclear? Then the Lytro focus-free camera, a development of Dr. Ren Ng of Stanford University, is perfect for you. Through the latest breakthroughs in light-field technology, Lytro allows for worry-free point-and-shoot photos. All focal changes could be made later, in effectively infinite mixtures. The proof is here: Lytro focus-free camera gives newbies depth of field power


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Jul 14, 2008
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Now here is a bandwagon that I can grab a hold on and run with the wind.

What a great idea; getting ideas from the masses instead of the single minded nerds that presently make these devices.

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