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Option to disable Capacitive lights.

Jun 8, 2013
Hey guys. One thing that has been bugging me for a little while now is not having the option to disable my capacitive button lights.

Many times I would wake up in the middle of the night and would use my phone but the lights are blinding to me and they hurt my eyes. They do come in handy when I need to see what I'm doing but alot of times I don't need them on and they are a burden more than a necessity.

The only way that they can be disabled is to turn on battery saver which I don't want to resort to as this is buggy with apps and notifications. Killing one feature at the expense of a next one doesn't make sense to me. Whatsapp is the number 1 culprit to me as even though I have It to run with battery saver on I still do not get new messages or notifications unless I open the app which is a problem of its own.

Also, I would like the option because it would aid in saving battery when I don't need them on such as in bright sunlight or during the day when I can clearly see them. There is an option to disable their vibration or turn it back on so this makes me want one to disable their lighting all together when its not useful and inconvenient. This would aid me alot.

What do you guys think ?