Our ultimate guide for killing Fatalis in Monster Hunter: World

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Dec 17, 2013
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Welcome to our ultimate guide for slaying the big bad of Monster Hunter: World, Fatalis.
On October 1 2020, Capcom brought back one of the toughest beasts in Monster Hunter's storied bestiary for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne's final title update, Fatalis. This black dragon has been apart of the series since the original Monster Hunter, back on the PS2, and now it's going to be in full 4K 60 frames per second glory on the Xbox Series X. It has shown up in various titles since then as a post-game boss. Now it has returned, ready to terrorize a new generation of monster hunters.
It is without a doubt the hardest boss fight in all of Monster Hunter: World. It puts previous boss fights like Alatreon, Extreme Behemoth, and even the Ancient Leshen to shame.
Nearly all of its attacks have a massive range and can kill you in one hit, it's extremely fast and aggressive, with soft DPS checks, and you have a 30-minute time limit.
It even goes as far as forcing the player to fight the 1st phase solo. A literal trial by fire to determine the player's skill level. To top it off, you have to fight a weakened version of Alatreon first in the Fatalis quest chain before fighting Fatalis proper.
This is a fight that demands gear optimization, a full understanding of dodge roll Invincibility-frames, learning when to attack and not being greedy, and taking full advantage of your mantles and the environment.
As someone who spent 1800 hours on this game, even I had trouble dealing with Fatalis. Hopefully, this guide will provide insight on how to slay this Smaug-wannabe yourself. This is mostly from a solo player's perspective but these tips will apply in multiplayer too.
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