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Overdrive: Digital library books


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Mar 1, 2011
OverDrive modernizes Libraries on WP7 | wpcentral | Windows Phone News, Forums, and Reviews

Quick overview: Overdrive allows you to check out ebooks and audio books from your local library. The software can be used independently on your WP7 or PC.

My library just launched our Overdrive service yesterday. You can search HERE to see if your library supports the service.

I tried it out yesterday. The apps is pretty good. It has a good layout, scrolling is pretty smooth and I haven't found any major glitches. Return ebooks/audio books is pretty easy. However, checking out books needs to be streamlined a bit (though it's not too hard once you get the hang of it). Plus it's free. I'd recommend checking it out. You do need a library card, and if you want to use ebooks on your PC then you need an Adobe ID.