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Feb 11, 2003
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Just a quick overview of compatibility here.

It works with the HTC Tilt/Kaiser using Palm's Windows Mobile drivers. The only incompatibility seems to be with Pocket IE, and it's minor -- when View is set to full-screen mode, the shortcuts for the left and right soft-keys (Fn+"[" and Fn+"]") do not work. They do work in normal view mode, though.
The screen rotation shortcut doesn't work (it might only be available with the Palm OS drivers -- I haven't checked yet) so if you want to use the Tilt in landscape mode, either open it up and let it be its own stand, or use the display-rotation icon on the Today screen.
And, as I mentioned elsewhere, if you can touch-type, try putting the opened and tilted device in front of the keyboard, between your wrists.

It does NOT work with the Samsung Blackjack. There seems to be no way to get to the "enable keyboard" check-box in the keyboard app. without using a touchscreen.

It also seems to be recognized as a HID-Compliant Bluetooth Keyboard by Windows XP, and the Windows Mobile keyboard shortcuts for Mail, Word, etc. launch their corresponding Windows default applications. I have a first-gen Samsung Q1 UMPC tablet (which lacks a keyboard), so this is a pleasant bonus.

This is the keyboard mentioned in Jennifer Chappell's TreoCentral review at:
(Just thought I'd mention that, since there's apparently another Palm Bluetooth keyboard available.)

[Posted from my Tilt, with the Palm Bluetooth Keyboard (Mostly. Edited from the TabletPC).]
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