Palworld has, once again, highlighted the on going deficiencies in PC Game Pass and the Xbox app on Windows 11

Jez Corden

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Jan 29, 2013
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The PC Game Pass app is functional and works well for most things, but it's the minutiae where it trips up. Have you had any issues with it?
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Feb 6, 2015
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The PC Game Pass app is functional and works well for most things, but it's the minutiae where it trips up. Have you had any issues with it?
Why aren't we getting more updates to this app when gaming on PC is a priority? I don't get this app. Xbox has fantastic UI/UX on the console, there are many good examples and then we end up with this super basic launcher that feels like a single developer's work. I keep thinking that a whole new redesign and features must be around the corner but still waiting. Unless this is something they prepare for win12?


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Jan 24, 2024
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I’ve played on Steam for very many years and honestly I prefer the Xbox app over steam. It really works a lot better and games download a lot faster on the Xbox app and then they do steam a lot easier to move content and do a lot of stuff on the Xbox app over and it automatically connects to your Xbox profile for any PC games that allow it which I really like people that always complain about the Xbox app. Just want to complain about something, because yeah, it has a few issues, but steam has just as many issues too.


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Dec 9, 2023
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I'm not a big PC gamer, I mostly play on Xbox consoles, so I may be missing some specific uses for Steam that are missing on the Xbox app.
Personally, I found the Steam interface cluttered and too busy in comparison to the Xbox app which has everything upfront and has a cleaner modern design with very few menus.
I always found the Steam app to be a resource hog but a necessary evil because the few PC games I wanted were there.
The Xbox app did run slow and crashed a few times on me in the earlier years, but lately, it's been flawless and game streaming is quite fun.
This is just my experience.

I don't dispute the Xbox app has issues for the more dedicated PC gamer in comparison to Steam which just has many years as the de facto standard for the pros.
I hope there will be some changes down the line that will be beneficial to the platform and get noticed by the users and devs.
Would be a shame if they fixed everything and it works perfectly, but social media including news outlets still base their opinion on the old version and avoid the app altogether.


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Jan 25, 2024
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I guarantee that pop up permission dialog is there to cover their behind so people/regulators cannot say "I didn't know it would have access to my information".

It seems redundant, but lots of court cases are lost because a company assumed that common sense would prevail.


Dec 23, 2010
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I think it's very premature to dismiss the Xbox/PC Game Pass version. IGN had good insight and extensive playtime with both the Steam version and the Xbox/PC Game Pass version and it's not that big of a discrepancy. The Xbox/PCGP version was clearly started at a later time but it's on the roadmap for feature/version equivalency. But even right now, you really aren't missing anything. The Xbox/PCGP version is just buggier because it's at an earlier state than the Steam version.

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