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Oct 19, 2014
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This guy was in my khaki pants' front pocket, which are a little wide and loose. I was sitting in a vehicle riding down a bumpy road in India. It bounced out of my pocket in one of those slightly inverted, not level types of seats where your knees are slightly elevated. I didn't notice that it came out, and as I was sliding out of the vehicle at our destination, it dropped about 4 feet to the ground and apparently landed on the corner. Although the phone has been dropped several times before, it shattered! :unhappy: I guess I was due up for it to finally break! I ended up taping it because it was slicing my fingers pretty bad. Thanks to the ultra-sensitive touch of the Lumias, I was able to use the touch even through packing tape. That kept little pieces of glass from falling out of the phone and has allowed me a few weeks to get the part I need from the US.

It's a Nokia Lumia 920. One interesting side story is that I tried to get it repaired in India, but all the mobile wallas kept seeing "AT&T" on the top of the phone and saying "We don't have parts for US phones". So, I ended up ordering a replacement glass digitizer from the US for about $10, and am planning to attempt the repairs myself this weekend. On Youtube, it appears you need to use something warm like a hair dryer to separate the glass from the LCD screen.

This same phone has a lot of dust in the speaker now, so my speakerphone and music don't sound so great. Headphones and bluetooth devices are my solution for that. I'm trying to make this phone last three years while on business in India!


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Feb 5, 2014
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NOKIA Lumia 625, power switch. No clue why that happened!? Maybe lack of an LED notification or the famous soft reset! Downgraded to NL630!

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