Plantronics $30 RIG 100HX is one of the best Xbox chat headsets money can buy

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Dec 17, 2013
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If you have a high-quality sound system, you might want to use that instead of a dedicated headset for gaming. But what about party chat? Say hi to the RIG 100HX monopiece headset.

Since reviewing the RIG 800LX from Plantronics, I've found myself becoming increasingly impressed with the company's headset offerings, and I wanted to explore some of its other products. Not everybody wants, nor desires, a dedicated audio headset for gaming. In a world where true surround Dolby Atmos setups are providing immersive sound experiences, you might want to utilize that instead of the isolating experience of a full headset. But what about party chat?
Monopiece headsets became iconic in the Xbox 360 era, and they continue to be used by a wide section of the audience who are either happy with their TV speakers providing audio, or who have more heavy-duty surround sound setups. The Xbox One comes bundled with a basic 3.5mm chat headset, but if you want something a little more robust with increased comfort, the RIG 100HX deserves your attention.

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