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playing music on 360 while playing games!?!


New member
Dec 21, 2011
can anyone explain to me, like i'm 5 years old :sweaty:, how i can actually play music on my xbox while playing games?

the only option seems to be copying files from pc via usb stick to your harddrive. the entire xbox music thing is only in that music app, right?

i can not listen to 'new albums' or any other playlists, not even those DJ streams they set up, right?

or can i at least stream the downloaded songs from a wp8 or w8pc via the music tap on my 360?

i currently do not have a wp8 or w8pc. but if that's a way to do it, i might think about it...


New member
Oct 8, 2012
Nope, you're pretty much out of luck, one app at a time really, other than any offline music sideloaded yourself. Xbox just wasn't built to multitask


Mar 31, 2012
networks streams are weird in XBL. Two XBL network streams won't come in at the same time, but if you are in an app that gets its content outside of XBL, other streams continue. This is why you can sometimes have background downloads working while in a 3rd party app, then other times it doesn't work. Kinda weird but whatever.


New member
Sep 28, 2011
Sadly the Xbox Music DRM isn't even compatible for the system media player at the moment. Until that's fixed, there is no way to play Xbox Music Pass content in the native player. As long as your music is in MP3 or WMA format, using a USB device (or networking sharing), will work just fine.