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Please Help! Can't play music after restore to 8.1!


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Apr 12, 2016
I posted this in the 520 forum, but I think it may be better here.

Using the basic Music app that comes with WP8.0/1 and was restored with WDRT.

I got the ?;-(? when trying to install WP10 on my L520 from WP8.1.

So I restored using WDRT. I never performed a backup (my bad). Of course, everything that was on the phone is gone, but I?d removed the SD card, so it should have been unaffected

I had a fair bit of music on the 64GB SD card, roughly 6800 songs using nearly 48GB+ of storage. I popped the SD card back in, plugged in to a power source, set the lock screen to ?never? and let it sit overnight, expecting things to take a while to rebuild. After a short time, it stopped adding songs at 290. The next morning, the Music app seemed to see only those same 290 songs. It stopped listing artists before the end of the "B's".

- This was a fair bit of music: roughly 6800 songs using nearly 48GB+ of storage on the 64GB SD card.
- With very few exceptions, these were all titles that I ripped from my own collection.
- All of the music was MP3 format
- Everything was fine (naturally) before the restore

Since then, I have tried the following without success:

Attempt 1-
? Soft reset
? Let it sit all day to process (in foreground, plugged in, no screen timeout)

Attempt 2-
? Removed the SD card
? Restart
? Shut down
? Reinstalled SD card
? Let it process

Attempt 3-
? Switched off the radios
? Changed the year to 2025
? Turned off automatic time update
? Restarted phone
? Open Music to let the searching begin
? Returned time to automatic update

Attempt 4-
? Copied the music to my PC.
? Reformatted the SD card in the L520.
? Copied the music back onto the SD card (using microsSD adapter for the PC)
? Reinstalled SD card
? Let it process

Attempt 5-
? Tried ?Create Playlist? from Windows Explorer (3x):
? It seems to go through the process of adding everything in the folder, then?
? Each time, I get the following error message:
?The new playlist could not be created in this location.
The device has either stopped working or has been disconnected.?

Of course, the device is connected and working properly.

Other info:
? The SD card had a handful of docs on it and their apps can see and open them perfectly
? I also moved 2 pics: the one in ?camera roll? is seen, but the one in ?saved pictures? is not
? I can see all the music in Explorer from my PC, but Storage Sense does not categorize it as Music ? everything is still in the ?Other? bucket

What steps do I need to take to have the phone recognize all the music?

Thank you.


Dec 31, 2012
Wow, you've been persistent. Impressed.

If it keeps stopping at 290 in the B's, have you tried removing the A's and B's and seeing if there is one particular file (e.g. with odd filename) that is breaking the scan. If so then slowly add the files until you work out where.

You can use the Files app to manage files, so I wonder if you can put the files somewhere other than Music and slowly move folders in one at a time too.


New member
Apr 12, 2016
I'll give it a try. What have I got to lose?

Update (Attempt 6):

- Reformatted the SD card.
- Created a new folder called "zMusic".
- Moved all the music files innto the "zMusic" folder.
- Then, moved the "A" artists from "zMusic" into the "Music" folder.
- And waited...

After a while, it seemed like things were working (but not as I expected):
- Artists were added that were not moved to the "Music" folder!
- Now, a *lot* of artists, albums, and songs appear in the "Music" app list.
- Not *all* artists, by any means. For example, no "F" or "H" artists are included.

Too many titles/songs to tell whether all the titles have been added (to the "S" artists, for example), but it stopped adding songs after about an hour. And Storage Sense still says that everything is in the "Other" category (even though I moved about 4GB into "Music".

So, things are "improved", but not where they need to be.....
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