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Please Review Squarehome 2 for ex MS users moving to Android

Mike Scott9

New member
Jan 6, 2018

I feel you have to do a review on squarehome 2 on android.

I have been loyal, windowsphone fan since 2012, nothing beats it.

Except perhaps now android with squarehome 2.

I got an android honor p9 for xmas and after 2-3 days i decided to present it to my wifes mom as a present.....i cannot stand android OS, even with MS launcher it was still boring icons. boring...

then by chance i stumbled across squarehome 2 - after about 30 minutes i was dancing around my room. i finally found an alternative to windowsphone.

animated tiles, notification badges on icons, horizontal scrolling. integrated with Cortana...

damn, my android layout is now exactly the same as my 950. happy days

every ms user who has taken an android, or is still reluctant to move, but has a wife or child with an android needs to install this launcher and test it.

costs $5, after a 14 day fully unlocked trial, but holy moly, i am a very happy man
(although i don't recommend the p9 for the camera Lumia still beats any other phone for camera stabily and speed)

please let other followers have a glimpse of squarehome2



Lannie Schafroth

New member
Nov 19, 2015
I agree. Squarehome 2 made my Android feel more at home. Cortana has a long ways to go. It doesnt do hands free. The the biggest thing I miss on Android. There are no hands free options that use the call stream on BT. NOTHING. I hope Cortana can mature enough to get to where it was on Windows.