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Plugged in, no charge


New member
Nov 7, 2012
I plugged in my Surface one night, and the next morning, it wasn't fully charged. Strange. The next night I make sure it's plugged in correctly, wake up, the thing's almost dead. The power indicator in the desktop status area said "Plugged in, not charging." I unplug and replug it, change the orientation, turn off the Surface, do a restart, etc. No change.

Fearing the charger was screwed up (though it was still charging my phone fine) I took it into work and popped it into my Surface dock. Same thing. It was so low at this point that unplugging it would make it immediately go off. I decided I'd take it to an MS store and have them exchange it.

I work for a few hours, get ready to leave, and.... it's fully charged.

So hooray! Except, is this going to happen again? And I don't know what happened to fix it?