Pocket Programming Language v2.1 is out now!


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Aug 15, 2009
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PPL 2.1 http://www.ppl-lang.com is out now. This version fixes the Windows Mobile SDK connection to the device as well as tons of little bugs. We have also added a lot of new features and enhanced some.

Here is a small list of the most notable feature changes/additions/fixes for this release:

- Fixed form constant re-creation when activating PIDE main window.
- New Collect() function to collect unused garbage in memory, often useful in loops.
- Fixed keyfile creation.
- Fixed PMenuItem imagelist display.
- Fixed PToolButton.ImageIndex.
- Fixed PToolBar click.
- New Installation guide is provided.
- Updated many help files.
- Rewrote debugger engine so that PIDE is the server and target application is the client.
- Debugger retrieves public IP address from www.whatismyip.com automatically.
- New Mobile menu to allow run/compile/etc... for a Mobile device.
- Restructured the PProject class, no more Target platform selection.
- Fixed custom draw controls to work on Windows Mobile. (PPanel, PShape, PQuickButton).
- Fixed system colors on Windows Mobile.
- Optimized startup of PPL (interpreter/compiler).
- PGrid control rendering has been optimized.
- Added GIF support to surface editor in PIDE2.
- Added a confirmation dialog when deleting objects in Project Manager.
- Fixed adding new object by double-click a component.
- Visual Form Editor, alignment grid uses opposite color to always be visible.
- Fixed Memo control to align text properly.
- Menu separators are displaying correctly now.
- Fixed PToolButton image display.
- Separator property now visible for PToolButton.
- New more meaningful connection error messages.
- Tweaked First Time dialog box.
- Fixed issue with a left over stack item in some situations.
- Updated Dialog.ppl library with common windows dialogs structures and declarations.
- New PColorDialog component.
- Fixed PFont font size with proper height calculation.
- New PFontDialog component.
- New NULL Terminated String functions (ToNTS and FromNTS).
- Added LoadFromFile() and SaveToFile() functions to lot's of components.
- New POpenDialog component.
- New PSaveDialog component.
- Fixed Events panel.

You can update all PPL's components through CleverUpdate. If you have any problems with the old version of CleverUpdate, please download it from the following link: http://www.arianesoft.ca/Downloads/CleverUpdateSetup.exe

For more information about PPL 2, please visit our web site at : http://www.ppl-lang.com

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