Poor Cortana response: how to fix this?


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May 7, 2011
I had a bad experience with Cortana today. And naturally it happened when I was trying to show her off to someone. I'm posting this because I don't know where else to bring suggestions for improvement to the service to Microsoft's attention.

After spending the night in a hotel in the downtown of a large city, my wife and I were looking for breakfast nearby. I asked Cortana "where can I get breakfast" and "is there somewhere close by to get breakfast." I am sure you will agree that those are perfectly ordinary questions that anyone might ask. Cortana's answers both times were similar "Here are 10 locations nearby where you can get breakfast." Of the 10 locations, the first time, 7 of them were B&B's and the other three were too far away to walk. The second time only five of the 10 locations were B&B's, and the other 5 were restaurants, some of which were not open for breakfast, and the others were again too far away to walk.

Maybe phrasing the question differently would have gotten me a better answer, but Cortana should be taught you can't just walk up to a B&B in the morning asking for breakfast.

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