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Nov 10, 2013
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So I decide to help a friend who is looking for a VZW Lumia 928 and along comes this phone offered by MikeLip


MikeLip and I go back and forth on email and PM about condition, price, accessories and such. My friend waffles a couple of times giving me and MikeLip a mild aneurysm in this process and then we finally settle on the price and seal the deal.

A couple of observations:

1. Mike ships this thing UPS 2nd Day Air - I mean who does this for free these days????
2. Once I receive the devices (I actually bought two phones from him, the other one is listed on the sister site AndroidCentral) I open the package and everything in the device boxes is untouched - I suspect he did not even touch the phone. I look at the devices pretty hard and I think this guy buys the phones and lets them sit in their boxes and then sells it to folks like us on the Marketplace untouched. You are basically getting a new phone for 1/3rd the price of the original.

I will buy any device this seller has to offer here on the Marketplace without batting an eyelid!
Amazing seller, amazing condition of the device and accessories (at least three cases per device as well) and amazing price to boot!

So in a nutshell, if MikeLip has a device to sell, please, please do not buy it because I want to be the first one to grab it:)

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