Possible New Devices teased by Adduplex

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Apr 30, 2013
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found this article a few minutes ago on www.wpxbox.xom. It contains some teaser info about three new Windows Phone devices. Take with a grain of salt as usual. Apparently more info may be revealed tomorrow when AdDuplex releases stats.

"We Should See At Least Three New Lumia Devices Soon
in WP News November 27, 2014 0

Alan Mendelevich, Founder of @AdDuplex ? cross-promotion network for Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps is soon going to share a detailed report on Windows Phone and Windows Stats, but he is already driving stats frenzy like me. In his recent tweets he shared, one of the tweets talks about at last three new phones with Microsoft (intermixed with Nokia) as manufacturer (4″-5.7″).
My speculation is that we should see at least:
One low range
One Mid Range
and a high end device, specially thee 5.7 Inch points to a device which could get close to 1520.
Alan is going to share lot of data tomorrow, and we hope to get resolutions of these devices to figure out more details. In other teasers he shared that Windows Phone 8.1 is now dominating which confirms that roll-out is now almost done. His other tweet said that Lumia device series below 7XX is on Top 4 in US, which is really a positive stats. The missing Flagship might be one of the reason why Microsoft is yet to do well in countries like US, but we expect it to get better soon.
Today Microsoft launched the Lumia 535, which fills in the gap of a new low range device. What do think would be next for Microsoft ? A New Lumia 1020? A flagship device? We have high expectations, specially with recent confirmation of Microsoft participating in the MWC 2015"

what are your thoughts?

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