Possible strategy from MS for W10M

Chintan Gohel

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May 23, 2014
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First of all, these are just random musings and speculations and I'm interested in getting a constructive discussion going

So on the one had we have numerous articles and reports about the general decline in sales of windows mobile devices. Sales are dropping by this and this percent, percentage share is this and this value. That doesn't seem to be in doubt.

On the other hand we also have the (equally?) numerous articles and reports of the new features in windows mobile, the new developments, the new apps, new devices from new/old OEMs.

Lets look at what is generally known

  1. Microsoft through certain staff have said that the windows mobile ecosystem isn't their "main" focus this year but will be in the future. Not right now but later.
  2. They have also said that their vision for mobile is not what currently exists and but something different, something new (like the surface devices and hololens)
  3. Since from the first point we can see that mobiles aren't a focus this year, we can infer that advertising and marketing would not be supported extensively. Adverts will be a minimum and just for general information.
  4. The current windows 10 mobile OS and apps are not perfect yet. That is a fact for all who have seen bugs and missing features.
  5. From the point above we can therefore say that "large scale" advertising and marketing cannot be justified if the product is not perfect and to the standard people expect
  6. It is also visible to see that people formerly using windows mobile devices are now using other devices such as apple phones or android based phones
  7. There has been a perception that windows phones have some limitations or defects or missing features in many regions
  8. Windows hardware products are not distributed and sold everywhere in the world. Their distribution channels are severely limited
  9. Microsoft is a company that mainly deals in software
  10. The universal windows platform relies on many devices, one of which is mobile.
  11. Several big names in apps have not come to windows store such as the whole google apps system or several local banking apps etc

Is it possible that MS want to market their new mobile device next year with the market having forgotten what windows phone used to be? People generally have short term memories and given enough time (a few months to a year) will forget how the windows phone used to be and therefore look at the new devices with fresh eyes and not biased views.

Is it possible that MS would start selling the surface phone (if this is what it will be called) with a completely new perception and range of capabilities? We're not talking about 50MP camera or 8GB RAM but something(s) that it could do that no other "phone" can. For that to happen, the general population of smartphone users need to be having the same general features which is happening. What can an iPhone do that is vastly different from an android device? Or the other way around? What can a LG G5 do that is vastly different from a Huawei P8? I believe that MS is looking for that big differentiator that will outweigh every other difference. Continuum seems like one of those features

When the surface phone comes out, people will be looking at the device and what it can do vs what their phone can do and seriously wonder whether they should jump ship. When the new surface phone releases, people will consider buying it as their next mobile device because it is so different and improved compared to what windows phone was
When the new phone comes out, businesses would take notice and consider upgrading their company to use one device at all levels, one system at all levels - namely windows 10

People have seen what the larva has done and what the caterpillar has done. Now they need to see what the butterfly will do and what it will look like



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Jul 14, 2008
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Did someone at MS Ghost Write this for you. Just kidding. You have made some very thoughtful points . I thank you for a well written post.

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