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Jan 14, 2011
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I wanted to ask a question about a problem I'm having with my Arrive after doing the forced Mango update... Everything is running smoothly but I have a specific issue with the Office 365 Location inside the Office Hub.

I have an Office 365 account. When the update was completed it kept my Outlook settings of Exchange Mail, Calendar and Contacts. However, when in the Office hub and I tapped Office 365 in the Location window (above my Skydrive location) it says I need to Setup my Office 365 account to access Exchange Mail, calendar, contacts and sharepoint. There is only a setup button on the bottome left. When I tap it, it takes me to the accounts menu in the settings. I already have an outlook account setup and it wont let me do another.

I tweeted @winphonesupport and got a response to remove the account, do a battery pull for 1 min and then re-add the account. I did just that. And I re-added the account through the office hub and the Office 365 location. It synced all my mail, cal, and contact info but not the Office 365 location hub. WTH? Has anyone had success with this using an office 365 account?

Also, final question: Does the update process update all your apps on the phone during the update? I havent been notified through the marketplace tile that any updates were available but noticed that the WPCentral app was still at 1.3 instead of 1.4 for mango. I'm looking to go though others and see... but I thought someone else would have an answer and save me from wasting time.



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