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Jun 5, 2013
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I completed my windows chip in campaign on Aug 30 for a new Lenovo yoga 13. I haven't received my vouchers (one for $810 for the yoga and the other for office 365) yet though. But the yogas have been out of stock for a while now so when I get the vouchers, I may nit be able to get the computer I was aiming for. Add on the fact that the 2nd Gen yogas are only weeks away as well as the new surface pro 2 and now I just feel bummed about it all.

So I was wondering what you all thought? I don't know how the chip in program works (i.e., if I'm locked into the yoga 13 if it is in stock or only eligible for purchases within the original program) or what laptop replacement i should go with (limited to what is in the Microsoft store) if i have to choose something other than a yoga (or even if i should get the yoga now if i have the choice to purchase something different).

So here are some scenarios that could happen and I'd like some feedback from fellow windows 8 fans. Keep in mind I have $810 but I could probably throw another $200 at that but not more (so max cost $1k).

1. Locked onto yoga and it is in stock--not really anything i could do here.

2. Yoga is out of stock but i have to make a purchase from the original list--i don't even know where to get the list anymore.

3. Yoga is out of stock but i can make a purchase from any computer in the MS store AND I PURCHASE NOW-- preference would be for something i could write a lot of papers on with the occasional break to watch videos or play Halo:Spartan Assault.

4. I can make a purchase from the Microsoft store with the voucher anytime over the next few months. I was thinking of waiting for the newer haswell machines but i don't know how much they are going to be and i need at least a 4th Gen i5 with enough power to work with huge excel sheets along side my papers (maybe run SPSS or Stata to boot).

Thanks in advance for your comments

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