Potential WP7 User, Some Comments and Questions


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Jun 24, 2011
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Hi. Currently, I'm a webOS user, and I'm considering making the switch to WP7 in my next phone purchase. What made me start considering it, believe it or not, was the announcement of Windows 8, and how Microsoft wants to make a great ecosystem with Metro UI. Way more compelling than webOS on everything, IMO, especially if Windows Phone and Windows converge and run the same software (now that Windows will support ARM, it's possible).

Anyway... I don't like the offerings for WP7 right now, so I'll wait for Nokia hardware or the new announcements. The first question is, is it known they'll come with the Mango update, or is it just speculation? Also, I've seen some mockups that keep appearing, I think from an emulator, that I really love (http://www.silverlightshow.net/Storage/Users/AnTo/Microsoft-Windows-Phone-7-Adobe-Flash.jpg and http://images.intomobile.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/windows-phone-7-wp7-review.jpg), and was wondering what are the odds these designs will get released some day?

Another thing is I had a Zune 30, and loved the hardware, software and client (Zune Software), then when the Zune HD got released, I immediately loved the UI. From there, I always hoped to see a Zune Phone (because the hardware was so good looking and well built), but it never came along. Now that the Zune is dead (hardware-wise) according to some blogs, what are the odds there will be a Zune Phone someday? Or even, a Microsoft branded one?

Finally, I read some info regarding app development in WP7, and the process seem pretty simple, compared to other OSes. I'd like to learn a little bit more so I can start developing for WP7, but I don't know where to start. Any recommendations? And people that have some experience, how easy or hard would you say it'd be to someone with little experience developing? I just know HTML and CSS (and yes, I know webOS is based on web technologies).

Thanks, and sorry for the wall of text.
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Dec 11, 2010
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Unless some new WP devices are released before September (very unlikely) all new devices will include Mango. Also, all existing devices will be upgradeable to Mango.

Microsoft has said they will not be making any new Zune devices, but that does not rule out third party manufacturers making Zune type meds players. But a Zune phone, not happening.

You can download Microsoft WP developer tools to any Vista/Windows 7 PC for free. Unless you are a student though, it will cost $99/year to publish apps in the Marketplace. But that does als unlock device which has additional benefits. Just do a search for Windows Phone Developer Tools.

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