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Power not getting turned on and related problems.

Feb 16, 2014
We purchased a samsung ATIV Tab3 in the US in Dec 2013. It worked quite fine there. I returned to my base in India (Ahmedabad) in Jan 2014.
I had problems with the power not getting turned on in tablet. The local authorized service center could not help me since they were not familiar with the product. Then I separated the tablet from the frame and charged it . It was powered and I was able to work with it for about three weeks. Now, I have the same problem. Just once the screen showed up but was frozen and it went blank again.
As per the advice in the forum for a similar problem I have just sent an e-mail to the president of samsung

Any suggestions for putting it right would be most appreciated. Thanks Guys for the help in advance.


New member
Apr 12, 2014
I have the very same issue with the Tab3 - strange powerdrain and intermittend I can not turn on power - even with the powersuply plugged in. So far if I let it sit for a night suddently the on switch works again. Battery at 0%. I share the view of some other TAb3 fellows - altough Tab 3 is compelling it may be a failed product. I am currently on windows 8.1 and overall 8.1 has stabiliced the TAB3 performace but it is far from good. Also in my humble opinion W8 the atomatic updates are deadly - I have turned them to manuall.
Cool product but not quite finished - a Steve Jobs like person is missing an MS - I wounder wether anyone at MS has ever used their own products?

Good luke Guys....

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