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Sep 7, 2012
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This may be of some help to you PowerPoint 2013 RT - What's not included | lovemysurface.net

So, what specific elements are not available?

  • Macros, Add-Ins, Forms, and other custom programs written by third parties. For all these you will need a PC or a Surface Pro.
  • SkyDrive Sync Integration. We?ve already written a post on this, check it out for details: SkyDrive Offline. It is supposed to be fixed with the new 8.1 version of Windows RT but it is not yet released.
  • Equation Editor 3.0. This is the legacy (older) equation editor used in previous versions of MS Office. You can still view the equations but you cannot edit them. However, a new feature for editing equations is included in PowerPoint RT. So, you will be able to create new equations on the RT.
  • Slide Library ActiveX Control. SharePoint Slide Library toolbar is not supported but you can use the Slide Reuse pane instead.
  • Legacy Media Formats. You will need to use modern video media formats like H.264 and Advanced Audio Coding instead.
  • Flash Video Playback. No videos designed for Adobe Flash Player can be inserted or played back in PowerPoint RT.
  • Recording Narrations. You will not be able to use the Record Narrations feature on your Surface RT. Again, for those you will need a PC.

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