Preview: 'Edge of Eternity' could beat Final Fantasy at its own game

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Dec 17, 2013
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Edge of Eternity is an indie Final Fantasy-like made by a team of just nine people, currently in early access. Despite its svelte budget, Edge of Eternity impresses in multiple ways.
I'm a huge fan of Final Fantasy. That is, up until around Final Fantasy X, at least. In attempts to broaden the aging franchise's appeal, Square Enix has increasingly tried to bring more action-oriented combat to the historically turn-based tactical RPG series, with mixed results.
Final Fantasy XV was in development for the best part of a decade, and, at least at launch, featured a pretty awful combat system that didn't know what it wanted to be. FFXV had a lot of problems, feeling like the big-budget homework assignment of a team that was familiar with Final Fantasy but didn't know what it truly felt like at its core.

Even in its infancy, Edge of Eternity feels like a game by Final Fantasy fans, for Final Fantasy fans. Despite a lot of "indie" jankiness, this 9-strong team already captures the essence of Final Fantasy in a way Square Enix no longer seems to be able to do.

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