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Problem downloading new keyboard and speech language aften Cyan update.


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Aug 4, 2014
I installed Cyan on my 520 last night, but now I can't install a new keyboard, it keep saying "attention required" and when I tap it, I'm asked to "retry or dismiss", and never works. Same with speech language, say it's downloading then after a while it shows "Couldn't download. Tap to retry", never working aswell. I'm in Brazil and I'm wanting to download english keyboard and speech language to use Cortana, it worked really well in Dev Preview and Black firmware. I've already tried soft and hard resets, and Dev Preview GDR1, same problem. Curently running official Lumia Cyan + 8.1.
Is that a known problem? How can i fix it?
Thank you.

Edit: I just did another reset and it worked.
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