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Problem: Transferring game progress and changing account


New member
May 26, 2014
Hey everybody

I have this weird problem to transfer my game to a new phone
My cousin gave me his old lumia 640xl and before that, we did a factory reset.
Now that I entered my outlook account and install Cloud raiders, the game shows me my cousin's account and progress!!
I even tried to remove the device form my devices section in his account and re-flash it ! but nothing worked.
I had the same problem with some more lumias and other games like Asphalt and Brother in Arms too.
I don't know how the games remeber they were installed on that special phone !!!

With this problem, I can't buy a second hand phone or sell my phone or gift it to some one else.

I got in touch with Game insight and Microsoft ! None of them has no idea about the problem!!!

Does anyone know a method to change the account in windows phone ?!

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