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Problems after update to W10M


New member
Oct 19, 2014
Hello. Few days back, I upgraded my 930 to W10N (non insider) and I just upgraded - no factory reset. I really like new features, but I miss some basic things (for example tasks in calendar, etc.). But right now, I have two big issues and one smaller one.

1.) Pictures from camera are not uploading to OneDrive. In WP8.1, it worked without any flaws, but now everything stays just in my phone. Only thing, that it seems is still backing up to OneDrive are saved pictures (thus those processed by some applications like Instagram, Fhotoroom, etc.). Autouploading of pictures is of course allowed in settings. Where is the problem, anyone have any idea?

2.) Battery drain. My 930 is now hardly able to survive through the day. I would say, that now it has twice the battery consumption, that it had before upgrade.

3.) GPS Anyone has a problem with not so precise GPS? Maybe its just a feeling, but I think that it has a little more problems to accurately determine my position.

Anyone has the same problem, or any tips how to solve that?
Thanks in advance, and sorry if there is a topic containing these problems.


New member
May 3, 2015
Hi michal*_s
Had almost the exact same problems, hard reset twice and once with the recovery tool and it still kills the battery but fixed the other problems, well the ones you mentioned.
Changing email sync to manual or every day made a difference to the battery but if you hit the sync button it will keep trying to sync till it goes flat?? Which by the way is only a bit over 2 hours.
I am now reverting to WP8.1 as the number of problems are just making the phone unusable for me, hope you have better luck.

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