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Problems downloading apps and syncing mail - 1020 - 8.1 Developer Preveiw


New member
Mar 29, 2012
I'm having a weird problem over the last couple of days with my 1020. For some reason, anytime I try to download an app, or have one try to update, it says "Pending" and then never downloads. Also, my mail won't sync automatically any more (both of my inboxes). The really weird thing is that all of my other background tasks work fine, (live tile updates, podcast downloads, etc.), its just those two problems from what I can tell. I did have to soft reset my phone the other day, but I can't think of any specific event that may have triggered this. I can't find anything on the internet about this problem, and I'm trying to avoid hard resetting my phone if I can help it.

Has anyone seen anything like this? I'm hoping I'm just missing something easy, but more than anything, I just want to get this fixed.


New member
Oct 5, 2011
I have this same issue and the most advice you are going to hear is "soft reset" and "hard reset". For some, the hard reset works, for others, like myself, the hard reset worked temporarily and then stopped. So I also have apps pending and I have to soft reset my phone after it has been recharged. It does not seem like there is a solution and I am hoping that the official cyan update might sort this out.

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