problems with windows phone 7 connector for mac


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Aug 4, 2011
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hello everyone, just recently picked up a samsung focus and loving it. converted from an iphone 4. i only have a mac at home that holds all my media in itunes. nothing is drm protected though. i downloaded the windows phone 7 connector from the mac app store to sync things from my itunes library to the phone itself and do updates. the updates worked perfectly and the music for the most part did as well other than some missing album artwork but i hear that is normal. the main issue i have is when trying to sync videos i have as well that are not drm protected when i hit sync it just says that it is formatting the video for my device and it never gets pass that step constantly says that and stays at 0% and this was after i left it alone for a couple hours just to see if it would just take a long time or something and still nothing. does anyone know of a fix or workaround for this since i am only using a mac computer and dont have windows on the machine i dont know what else to do at the moment. thanks again and any help is appreciated.


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Dec 16, 2010
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hmm , good question :p

couple things you can try

1. try looking in the setting for Vids , might be some option you can chaneg that will make it work.
2. try to re-instal the Application for your mac.
3. try a soft reset
4. try a HARD reset ( sorry :( lol )
5. i know ZUNE was looking into a MAC client but im not sure if its done yet.

aside from that , if you get MANGO beta or wait for MANGo , im prety sure you can uplaod your stuff the the CLOUD server and stream the vids and music over your 3G(4G) connection. seems to be working.

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