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Sarah Williamson1

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Dec 22, 2013
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Hi all,

Finally got a chance to play around on the phone the other day, I have a lumia 520, and I love it! So easy to use, very intuitive, but a couple of things are still amiss for me. When it comes to smartphones, I am a bit of a dunce sometimes.

I used a photo feature called Nokia Creative Studio to make a collage of some photos. All went well, I pressed the tick icon to apply what I had made and then the photo screen just disappeared! I have no idea where the photo was saved to! Even when I connect it to the computer, I look in the photos folder and it's not there. Help?

Also, how can I upload a photo to a facebook page and not my own personal facebook account? I have tried on the app I downloaded and on the browser via the mobile and desktop versions of the browser and nothing works.

Sorry for all the questions. If this was a computer, I would be fine but these smartphones baffle me sometimes. *is shamed*

Thank you for your time.

Sooner Al

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Dec 10, 2013
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When I created a collage it was saved in either the Camera Roll or Saved Pictures album. Did you see your collage there? I had to create the collage, tap the "check" mark icon, then check the "floppy" (Save) icon.

More help here...

FAQ: FAQ - How do I combine images in Creative Studio collage? - Nokia - USA

Search results for Creative studio - Nokia - USA

FWIW here is the English version of the app pointed to by DBDev...

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