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Random songs won't download XBox music


New member
Aug 15, 2007
For a while now (after many phone and Xbox music updates) I have been having issues with Xbox music in that randomly I have difficulty downloading music. For example, I'll find an album and hit download and only two or three songs download. Then I try to download the songs individually and I get "pending" messages. The songs never download. Sometimes after a reboot I get them to download.
It happens if I attempt to download the whole album first or individual songs first. And, as mentioned before, its random.
After doing some reading and see some people have issues not seeing downloaded music on their list, I'm wondering if the music is downloaded but for some reason its not showing on the list.
For the last two days I can't get a number of songs to download so I finally decided to research the issue. I store my music on an SD card but don't think that is an issue because the songs won't download to phone either. I pay for an Xbox music pass and this gets irritating.
I don't think this is a factor, but I'm using an M8 that's been updated.
Anyone have any suggestions?


New member
Jan 24, 2013
The ONLY downloading delays I've ever experienced (previously on a 7.5 SD-equipped Samsung Focus, and since on an 8.0-now-8.1 1020) was when I did not have a strong-enough signal, or not enough storage space. All downloads have always been pretty quick otherwise. My annual account just renewed and XBM is still my best entertainment value. Hope your downloading experiences improve.


New member
Mar 13, 2015
Its not an Issue caused by SD Cards, i have the same problems with a Lumia925 (no SD Card). - Even If its on AC Adapter and WIFI.
I have the same Issue and I think im going to quit XboxMusic. Its simply not working the way it should anymore.

Ive been using the service since it was first available in Germany on Wp7 with Zune and its just been going Downhill.

Heres me complaining about it somewhere else:


This is an old topic. I have had the same Issue. Now its a bit different. I will click the Download album button. - Then i have to wait for every single song ONE BY ONE to queue up for downloading.

Later after waiting and checking only ~ 3 songs of the album are available. With USB and Wifi, downloading the tracks takes a few seconds each. But there simply not there.

Ive disabled the Cloud collection feature and its supposed to only display Offline Albums.

Yet some albums are still only streaming, even though ive "downloaded" them several times.

I usually download Music before going for a tour by Bike, where streaming sometimes is not an option. It costs extra Money, and also makes the already unexcusable loading times even worse.

I have a Lumia925 which is supposed to be a premium device, yet my old Mozard outperformes it in speed and reliability and most importantly it does not make me want to throw it against a wall.

I simply can not justify paying for the service anymore. Currently im using Musicmatch as a main Player app because its actually faster.

And please. PLEASE, make the "Explore" page based on my collection. Its supposed to be filled with smart suggestions not advertising for music i hate. I feel like im paying for adverts, not a curated and diverse music service.​

I will switch try different services for now. Its just to random and buggy to enjoy it.