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Anubhav Kumar

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Apr 9, 2013
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Reading can be difficult or tiring at times, like when you are travelling or when the text is very long or you are just too lazy to read. At such times a text-to-speech app that can do the task with minimal effort comes very handy.

ReadAloud is the most powerful text-to-speech app available in windows phone store. The app is very easy and intuitive to use. ReadAloud reads aloud the text displayed in Windows Phone apps, e.g. web pages (internet explorer, opera mini, etc.), news articles (Bing news), PDF files and more.

Here are some of the features of the app -

* Click ?share? in supported apps to send text to ReadAloud for aloud reading.
* Open PDF files for reading aloud.
* Save articles opened in ReadAloud for listening them later.
* Track the list of recently read articles.
* Easily control the pitch and rate of the speech.
* Pause/resume speech as needed, plus next/previous buttons to jump by sentence.
* Select from list of languages.
* The sentence being read gets highlighted.
* Auto scroll while reading.
* Customize the background, text, text highlight color.

and lots more.

When you share content with ReadAloud, it generates toast notification, so that you can easily start the app without having to go to the app list. Thus making the app very easily accessible.

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ReadAloud | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)

Please download the app and give it a try, I am sure you would love it.

I request to feature this app in your website and blogs.

Anubhav Kumar

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Apr 9, 2013
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How is battery consumption effected?
Congratulations on this great app!!

Its really great to hear that you liked the app, thanks.

I'll give you the exact battery consumption figures -

App uses approximately 110.83 mW-h of battery in 10 mins. This rate of usage will drain a fully charged standard battery in approximately 10.43 hrs.

I think that's very optimal.

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