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Recorded a video (55 minutes) and the app stopped before saving the file. I beleive this was due to running on battery only, and the sleep time kicked in which probably turned of the devices for power consumption.

So, The file is the camera folder, but cannot be played back since it is not an mp4. Is this an unformatted raw video file and can I still use some utility to read this file in and convert to mp4?

Tejas Javery

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Mar 19, 2014
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there are a lot of apps online that repair corrupt mp4 files. you just need to find the proper crack files for them as they mostly are paid. I shall let you know as soon as I find the app I myself had used. but my internet is extremely slow, so it might take a while.
also, copy that file to your pc and keep it, do not delete. maybe in the future you find an app and wanna use it on the video then.
sorry for the loss though... I guess we all have been there in a way or other. :(

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