Red is not a good Start Menu color


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Oct 12, 2014
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Right now, when you have the Start Menu enabled, Windows uses a separate color palette from when a user has the Start Screen.

When using Menu, the system pulls the color that the user selected through "Personalize" in the Control panel, then populates the rest of the palette with colors based on the one pulled. Whereas in Start Screen / Metro, the system pulls two user-defined colors from the setting menu accessed via the Charms bar. These two colors are the Background Color and Accent Color. The rest of the palette is based on these two colors.

The way I see it, there is absolutely no need to use separate colors depending on what version of Start someone uses. Just make the taskbar and window borders based on the Accent Color, and make the Start Menu color based on the Background Color. After all, more control over aesthetics is always a good thing.

Try changing your Taskbar color to red. Red taskbar looks good, right? Now open the Start Menu, and see how red does not make a good color for it. I shouldn't have to change the color of my taskbar just because I don't like the color of my Start Menu, just let me make the Start Menu dark grey and it will all look good.

Plus, if Microsoft made the Start Menu pull its colors from the Accent and Background user-defined colors, it would make switching between Start Menu and Start Screen more seamless. The visual style will stay the same no matter what device you are on, unless you opt out of that.

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