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Oct 4, 2008
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I got my redfly this weekend and have been playing with it ever since. My primary use is to have the device work as a laptop substitute while away from home. In order to achieve this, I've been looking at remotely controlling a pc using rdp or vnc software; although nowhere near as fast, the convenience of being able to do work / notes / whatever program (aside from multimedia) is a strong motivator. I wanted to share a bit in case it helps someone else down this path. Don't try any of this unless you have an unlimited data plan.

For starters, this article helped me a lot in picking which tool to use :
(i'm under post count so I cannot post this as a url :hmm: its on pocketpcmag under article 'access your desktop pc from your pocket pc )

I tried most of them, generally using ultravnc as a server and using the various clients; half of them would not run because of the resolution of the redfly. Some were so slow I was unable to move and had to restart my phone. Others just failed to scroll smoothly when zoomed in, a simple but very important feature when dealing with a small screen. RDP (versus VNC) seemed to be quicker but in some cases redrew the screen too many times; also rdp does not support the 'fn' key, which means you miss out on the important page up / down key of the redfly.

The best one so far seems to be LogMeIn; its simple to use, free as long you don't mind the basic version, and supports some features which make things much easier to use. The most important are, efficient compression, allowing you to have some color loss for speed, but not enough that you can't see images clearly. Another feature is the option to scale the resolution down to fit the redfly screen smoothly, that is, in a way that allows you to still read text on the screen (most programs failed at this).

Once you've chosen your remote login tool, you need a pc to dedicate to remote login; The reason why you would not want to use your main machine, is that most apps are not set up for the smaller screen size, and you will have to tweak them a bit. Also, the resolution of the server is important too. Your best bet is to use a virtual machine, as this will allow you to set the resolution to anything you want (since it runs in a window instead of on your physical monitor). You can use whichever one you want, the one I used was vmware workstation (v6.5). After playing with my machine quite a bit, I found the resolution of 1000x600 autoscaled in logmein worked best.

I could go on but that's all for now.


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Sep 26, 2008
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Does logmein force you to go to their website to start a connection with the pc or can you run the app and connect directly?


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Nov 14, 2006
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I've been using Log Me In (free version) for the past couple of days. It uses the browser but it also downloaded and .cab file (so I suspect they be running some special software to speed things up). Overall pretty snappy. I've seen it working faster on my 800w/Refly than I have using XP RDC over VPN. Good for small tasks and quick hits. I don't think I could build a 25 slide PPT deck with this set-up, but it's nice to not have to drag out the laptop to get to may main work machine.



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Aug 8, 2007
It's never going to become a "full time" way of doing my job, but over the summer I used a Redfly connecting via LogMeIn to work from a remote location for a couple of weeks. And it's got me through a couple of short business trips since then.

It's not hard to do to begin with, and it gets easier with practice.

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